Don’t you hate that. I post heavily on craigslist etc.. in the broker area not the by owner area. I always run across these ads that sound just like the type of ad a Realtor would write and they always seem to end with NO REALTORS PLEASE ! I think wow this guy really must hate Realtors. I then usually call (if they are not on the DNC of course) and find out it is a Realtor on the other end. Do you really think as a Realtor you can pretend to be a For Sale by Owner and people will think they are getting a better deal. The truth is the only people calling for sale by owners right now are investors who think these people will give their home away to them because obviously they don’t know too much about Real Estate. The other people calling FSBO’s are Realtors and statistically only 3% of Realtors are doing it when 70% of FSBO’s end up listing with an agent. Can you say wow a whole new market ! Not so fast…Did I mention FSBO’s hate your guts. Well at least the first three times you call then they start to listen. Just go to and read their forums. They are crying out for help many of their post end with we finally listed and sold our house but we still hate Realtors (what they hate is the fee). You can’t convince someone of your value sometimes until they try to do what you do and realize it’s alot of work !


Ps: To marrow my sign is supposed to be ready. I will start standing on the corner with the “will work for….” I am blogging about it at

of course you can visit my website http://www.AGENTBOWMAN.combut NO AGENTS PLEASE..LOL

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