RE/MAX Agent will work for food. (maybe)

On monday 1/12 I am entering into an experiment. I was inspired recently by a job seeker i saw on the national news. He wore a sign saying M.I.T Grad looking for work. I decided right then I am going to do whatever it takes to be successful in this market. I will be standing at various intersections in San Antonio holding this sign will-work-for-you I will be blogging about my experiences and let you know if I get any responses


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4 Responses to “RE/MAX Agent will work for food. (maybe)”

  1. Jacinto Martinez Says:

    do you already have the sign made if not call me i will make it free of charge 210-584-3018 leave message i will get back good luck.

  2. Sherry Christiansen Says:

    Wow, that’s really different. I don’t think I would be comfortable doing that. To many strange people out there for me to do that, but I admire you for being willing to go the distance. Please stay safe!

    I’ll be watching for your posts to see what happens!

  3. fortwaynerealestate Says:

    So what were the results of your experiment? I’d love to hear…

  4. remax281 Says:

    well I have been blogging about this at
    I need to update here but two blogs are killing me…lol

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